family sponsorships

By taking over a family sponsorship you support a family of our sponsored children who live in particularly great poverty with 15 Euro per month. Through your annual contribution of a total of 180 Euro you will significantly improve the living situation of this family.
In most cases our sponsored children are AIDS orphans who live as half orphans with their remaining parents or as orphans with other relatives, mostly with their grandparents. The special poverty of these families can have various causes, here some typical examples:

The remaining parent is ill and can only perform the hard field work to a limited extent or not at all (permanently or temporarily). This means that it is no longer possible to harvest enough in the fields to secure the family's needs.
Grandparents become too old to be able to work in the fields any longer and provide for their families.
One family (father, mother, three children) excludes more orphans from the family, but the yield of their land is not sufficient to feed the larger family.
All relatives in the immediate vicinity are deceased and the children are on their own. The oldest child assumes responsibility, but has not yet completed school, so that he or she is faced with the decision of family or school. (In such a case the family is advised and supported elsewhere in addition to the family sponsorship).
Brother with sister in front of the collapsing hut
Many children look for food and accommodation with their relatives
Grandma Maria goes home happy with her new mattresses and kitchen utensils
Many children are looking for food and shelter with their relatives
These children have a place at a school in the village

It is our aim to support these families in order to preserve the children's right to their land and thus their home, because if families can no longer provide for themselves on their own land, they must leave it and move to relatives. When the children leave the country or move, however, they lose their inheritance entitlement, which at least secures them a place in the future where they can build a hut for their family.
With the help of the monthly support these particularly poor families are enabled to improve their life situation and to bridge the time until the first of the children has completed a vocational training and can make a contribution to the care of the family.
The families can use the money to buy missing food at the market or to pay day-workers for help in the fields. With the help of the monthly support, some families have created their own small sideline within three years by breeding rabbits or ducks and selling them on the market.
Regularly the families who are supported by a family sponsorship are visited to check their life situation. In some cases, after three years, we have been able to record such positive developments that, in cooperation with our local contacts, we have decided to discontinue the family support after timely announcement.
If you are interested, you can receive information about your sponsoring family.