We help in Uganda. Help us, help them!

Mutolere_Uganda Mutolere / Uganda
Mutolere_Hospital St. Francis Hospital / Mutolere
Mutolere_Mainroad Mutolere main street
Mutolere_Hospital Children from the village
Mutolere_Hospital Children from the village

The association was created not to continue to watch idly and helplessly, but to actively influence and improve the living situation of the people in Uganda in the district of Kisore. The association is non-profit making use of donated funds through direct and personal contact exclusively and directly for the benefit of leniency. On the one hand, we provide sponsorships and, on the other hand, carry out projects in areas such as health, education, infrastructure and so on.

These projects are currently the focus of our work in Uganda:

Reconstruction of classrooms in Kagera Primary School
A meal for every school child
Poor Patients Fund of the St. Francis Hospital
Renovierung der Kinderstation
School infrastructure measures