Here you have the posibility to give a donation to the association Together for Uganda r.S. in different ways.

So you can help:

  • Become a sponsor! The following sponsorships are possible:
    • Primary School Sponsorship 260 Euro - 430 Euro annually
    • School Sponsorship Secondary School annually 490 Euro
    • Sponsorship for education and studies 490 - 1.700 Euro per year (also on a pro-rata basis)
    • Family sponsorship 180 Euro per year
  • Support our projects with your donation.
  • In case of birthdays and celebrations or at events in communities, at schools or in companies, ask for donations in favour of our association. If you are planning a donation appeal next year, we will be happy to send you brochures and a material basket for information. Talk to us!

Donation options:

Transfer to the donation account Collection via direct debit Transfer via PayPal

As a transfer to the donation account:
Together for Uganda e.V.
Sparkasse Neuss
IBAN: DE05 3055 0000 0080 2351 53

Under current law, this requires the issuance of a Sepa Direct Debit Mandate.
To do this, print out the template .
Please send the completed and signed mandate either by post to the following address:

Together for Uganda e.V.
Clemens Feldmann, PO Box 210113, 53156 Bonn
or filled in and scanned by email to:

(Please do not use if you want to transfer contributions for sponsorships)

Distribution of donations

Schoolchildren preparing a hillside. / 3 %
Establishment of a children's library in the local health centre / 0 %
Technical equipment at schools / 1 %
Preventive and advisory centre / 2 %
Reconstruction of classrooms in Kagera Primary School / 0 %
Hospital laboratory - renovation and expansion / 2 %
Renovation of the maternity ward / 17 %
A meal for every school child / 3 %
Eye examination and glasses / 1 %
Building a children's station / 8 %
Poor Patients Fund of the St. Francis Hospital / 1 %
Renovierung der Kinderstation / 1 %
School infrastructure measures / 8 %
Training center for crafts & occupations / 4 %

The special feature of the association

A large part of the club members travel to Uganda at their own expense, usually at least once a year. For the recipients of our donations, the personal contact that has grown over the years is of great importance. As a result, the initiated projects run much better and the donated funds can be used optimally.


Of course, you will receive a donation receipt for donations to our association. For donations of 100 euros or more, these will be sent automatically at the beginning of January for donations received in the previous year, provided we have the donors' addresses. For donations of less than 100 euros, the tax office usually only needs proof of the bank statement. If you still need a certificate, we will be happy to issue it on request.